Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swiz 1.0.0, finally!

For you Flex and ActionScript developers out there, Swiz 1.0.0 has finally hit the street! This is by far the easiest Flex related framework to use with the least amount of code necessary to make it work. I've been using it since version 0.6.4 and have been impressed with the many additions that have been added during the long road here. I can remember the (sometimes heated) discussions about it not being a legitimate framework because it was a version less than 1.0. Well, it's legitimate now!
Everything you need, and more, has been provided for you. The release notes, source code in git, ASDocs and a zip of the SWC, docs and source is available.

Should you find yourself needing help, there is also a very active mailing list where you can get answers to any problems very quickly. For a while it seems I lived on that board.

Congratulations to the Swiz team. Here we go!!

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