Saturday, June 6, 2009

JavaOne 2009 Best Sellers

Just back from JavaOne 2009 and finally have the gumption to write about something. Here are the best sellers from the bookstore. Some surprises, some not, some wtfs. Would you expect anything less?

1. JavaFX: Building Rich Internet Applications - Addison Wesley ISBN: 013701287X
2. Essential JavaFX - PTR (out June 11, 2009) ISBN: 0137042795
3. Effective Java 2nd ed. - PTR ISBN: 0321356683
4. Java Puzzlers - Addison Wesley ISBN: 032133678X
5. Programming in Scala - Artima ISBN: 0981531601
6. Java Concurrency in Practice - Addison Wesley ISBN:0321349601
7. Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with Glassfish 3: From Novice to Professional - Apress ISBN: 1430219548
8. The Definitive Guide to Lift - Apress ISBN: 1430224215
9. Beginning Scala - Apress ISBN: 1430219890
10. OpenSolaris Bible - Wiley ISBN: 0470385480

At the end of the first day Programming in Scala was #1.
After Josh Bloch and Neal Gafter's Java Puzzlers session it moved to #1.
The JavaFX books moved to the top two positions towards the end of the show. Is Sun/Oracle too late with this language (shrug)? Only time will tell (and a short time at that).
The classics 'Effective Java' and 'Java Concurrency in Practice' were there as expected.
The ever growing Scala interest (including Lift) is very intriguing. Is it the next one? That's for the community to decide. Comeon people make a decision!!

I've got another post for tomorrow again from JavaOne. This is about Microsoft at JavaOne (what?!?!?!). It ain't no urban legend anymore Joyce!!


Anonymous said...

Clearly there is a lot of interest in JavaFX from developers and the mobile industry, so no it is not too late.

Is it too late for Scala and Lift?

John G said...

Scala is gathering momentum as we comment. 'Programming in Scala' has only been out for a few months. JavaFX was officially released at JavaOne 2008.
It still remains to be seen if Lift does anything. You know how it goes, every language has to have it's own framework.